Where do you deliver to?

We home deliver all over Northern Ireland £5.99, Orders can also be shipped by courier to Republic of Ireland £7.50 and GB £12.99 and tracking is provided.


When is Home delivery?

Home delivery is every Wednesday,  you will also receive tracking information. 


When do I receive my order if I have ordered past the deadline?

If you have ordered past our deadline of Sunday at 9pm your order will be moved over for delivery fresh on the following Wednesday or shipped via parcelforce 48 hour delivery.

Do you have an Gluten free , Dairy Free or Nut free Options?

Not at the moment. While many of our products don't in fact use ingredients containing these potential allergens  we cannot certify our meals as such they are made in a our bakery and kitchen where they made be present. therefore to protect our customer we always state that clearly and our packaging is labelled to that effect also. 

Is your packaging sustainable?

We use a range of catering disposables made from natural, sustainable and renewable resources such as PLA (Polylactic Acid, derived from cornstarch) and moulded fibreboard (made from non-wood fibres such as Bagasse - sugar can fibre and bamboo. These are natural / renewable resources, which use less fossil fuels for their production, which has the potential to help reduce C02 emissions. Paper BioBowls are made with paper sourced from managed plantations and coated with PLA bioplastic, not oil based plastics. Our paper bowls are certified commercially compostable to EN13432 standards.There are various disposal options e.g. commercial composting, incineration with scope for energy recovery and recycling. Commercial composting produces compost which can be used as a fertilizer for growing new plants and crops. Unfortunately for some applications/products, there is not a suitable bio-based option – in these cases e.g. our clam shell containers, we select materials such as PET that are widely accepted for recycling. - we are committed to always looking for the most environmentally friendly products we can. 


What about food waste, its a huge issue globally so what are you doing about it? 

Nutrilean is committed to the reduction of foodwaste , it is environmentally damaging as well as commercially, financially and ethically! We've teamed up with Too Good To Go to ensure our wastage is almost eliminated you can find out more by Downloading the app and searching Rosie's bakes.